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Quitting smoking can be challenging because cigarettes are physically addictive and withdrawal symptoms are common. Cutting down could help you gradually quit for good, and with plenty of apps around to support and guide you, you’ll be well-equipped to manage cravings and stay motivated.

1. LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach

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Price: Free

Availability: iOS

Use the LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach app to create personalised plans for cutting back. The app lets you assess your current status, set realistic goals, and change preferences to meet your changing needs.

The app lets you track cravings, set daily allowances, and record smoking times. To help you stay motivated, MyQuit Coach offers personalised features such as motivational tips and progress charts. As you hit milestones, you’ll be rewarded with achievement badges. Automatically update to Twitter and Facebook to let friends know about your progress so they can encourage you on your quit journey.

2. Butt Out – Quit Smoke Now & Stop Smoking Forever

Price: AU$10.99 for iOS and AU$4.27 for Android (special introductory price)

Availability: iOS and Android

Butt Out lets you track your cravings and how much you’re smoking. Users can personalise their strategy by choosing to gradually cut back or choose a quit date. Use it to upload motivational pictures and quotes, while staying on track with real-time insights on health improvement, cash saved, and cigarettes not smoked.

As you gradually cut back, the app will help you visualise health improvements. For example, you’ll be able to see how your risk of heart disease has lowered and how your lung health has improved.

3. Stop Smoking – Mindfulness Meditation App

Price: Free for first session, and all meditations pack priced at AU$3.99

Availability: iOS

Did you know meditation could help you manage addictive behaviours like smoking? When the cravings and withdrawal symptoms hit, turn on this app and choose a meditation to calm down. If you’ve only got 10 minutes, no problem – Stop Smoking has 10 minute to 40 minute meditations to suit your schedule.

The app is designed to help you interrupt the habit of automatically reaching for a cigarette. You could manage your anxieties more effectively by calming your brain down when cravings hit.

4. My Quit Buddy

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Price: Free

Availability: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

My Quit Buddy is free app from the Australian National Preventive Health Agency (of the Department of Health). It’s designed to help you personalise your quit plan, set goals, and stay focused.

You can upload photos and recordings to remind you of why you’re cutting down. With a community forum feature, the app lets you share your distraction tips, success stories, and milestones with others.

Use the check-in feature to stay on track. Input your danger times so you get alerts to help deal with cravings. Track your progress, tally how much money you’ve saved, and get informed about health facts and benefits of cutting back.

Great features include games to distract you when cravings hit, and a click-to-call link to the Quitline service if you need to chat to someone.

5. Quit Smoking

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Price: Free, with in-app purchases

Availability: Android

Quit Smoking is a great app for smokers who plan to cut back and gradually quit. Featuring user-friendly widgets, the app provides graphs to track your smoking. It gives you personalised recommendations on daily allowances for cutting back. Your customised ‘step-down’ program draws on statistical data to make recommendations, and it’s automatically adjusted by the app as you progress.

You can also track how much time has passed since your last smoke. Add small widgets to your home screen for easy tracking and updating. Use the included features to find out much money you’ve saved and how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked.

6. Smoke Free

Price: Free

Availability: iOS

Smoke Free draws on research-based techniques to help you with cutting down and quitting. Track how much cash you’ve saved and how many cigarettes you’ve not smoked. Use the app to check health indicators and record your cravings. You can also get useful strategies for managing cravings and access tools to help you understand and manage your cravings.

7. QuitNow!

Price: Free, with ads and in-app purchases

Availability: iOS and Android

QuitNow! is designed to be an in-phone partner to help you cut down and quit. You can track how long it’s been since your last smoke and how many cigarettes you’ve skipped.

The app lets you track how much you’ve saved, and it offers health insights based on World Health Organisation indicators. Share your progress on social media and access achievements as you progress on your quit journey

8. Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

Price: Free, with ads

Availability: Android

Quit Smoking is a full-featured app you can use to visualise health improvements and track cigarettes not smoked. The app includes a game to distract you as you deal with cravings.

Cessation Nation’s community has logged a total of more than  4,300,000 cigarettes not smoked to date. Quit Smoking boasts a large community on Facebook, so you can get support from others who are cutting back or quitting.

9. Quit It Lite

Price: Free

Availability: iOS

Quit It Lite could be the best app for you if you’re looking for a simple, hassle-free app to help you cut down. Designed to be a motivation program, the app lets you record how many cigarettes you’ve not smoked and how much money you’re saving.

Motivational features include benefits of cutting back and not smoking, goal setting, and social-media sharing. The minimalist design makes it easy to navigate and use.

Start cutting down today

If you’re finally ready to start cutting down on smoking, the good news is that help is in the palm of your hand. Experiment with the numerous quit apps available to find the best one for you. By drawing on helpful tools and managing your cravings, you’ll give yourself the best chance to cut back and eventually quit for good.

Together with the apps mentioned above, nicotine craving-management options like such as Nicotinell (a Nicotine Replacement Therapy) products can help you cut down with a view to eventually quitting. If you’d like more information about any of Nicotinell’s products or Nicotine Replacement Therapy, visit our website today.

Disclaimer: All information presented on the Nicotinell blog is provided as general knowledge and advice only. It is not intended to substitute for medical advice. Please always contact a medical professional for your individual health related matters.