Nicotinell Patch

Controlled release technology

Patches provide a once-a-day solution to quitting. With controlled release technology, they deliver nicotine through a special rate-controlling membrane into your bloodstream over 24 hours. Available in 21mg, 14mg and 7mg strengths (over 24 hours). Nicotinell patches help you take control of your habit discreetly and without fuss. By stepping down from 21mg or 14mg patches, your quitting journey can be self-paced (refer table below).

A patch a day

Find a clean, hairless patch of skin - your upper arm, chest or hip is perfect - and apply the patch for a controlled release all day. Then when you replace the patch after 24 hours, choose a different location on your body for a fresh start.

Success tip

When you first start using patches, pick a day with as little stress as possible and a day not too far in the future. Apply patch at a regular time of day to make it part of your routine.


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