unsmoke is all about undoing the addiction to smoking, so you can live free of cigarettes. Whether you unsmoke for your children, your partner or yourself – whatever the reason, we have a range of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) options to help you unsmoke the smart way.

To unsmoke can be tough without the right help

Nicotinell® could be your solution.
No matter what challenges you’re dealing with on the way to being smoke free, we have a way to help you. Our market leading range of pharmacy-only products are specially formulated to give you a therapeutic dose of nicotine, while making it easier for you to give up your smoking habits:
Nicotinell® Combination Therapy
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Nicotinell® Patch
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Nicotinell® Gum
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Nicotinell® Lozenge
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Within 24 hours

Your oxygen levels will rise and your sense of taste and smell will start to return

Within 3 months

Your lungs will show improvements and exercise will be easier

1 year on

You’ll have half the risk of heart disease than if you’d kept smoking

Within 5 years

Your risk of cancer will have significantly dropped

After 15 years

You'll have the same heart health as a non-smoker

unsmoke the smart way with Nicotinell®

At Nicotinell, we’re all about helping Australians unsmoke. With smoking becoming more socially unacceptable and expensive, it’s the perfect time to ‘give it up’.
Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) – patch, gum, and lozenge – provides nicotine without all the harmful nastiness contained in cigarette smoke. It gives your body a chance to cope, while you shake the cigarette habit.
And with Nicotinell®, you’ll increase your chances of permanently quitting compared to trying to go ‘cold turkey’.
Ready to unsmoke? Then start today by going to your pharmacy.

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