Nicotinell® Patch is the
once-a-day solution

Nicotinell® Patch, controlled-release technology, delivers a measured dose of nicotine, through a specifically designed patch, into your bloodstream over 24 hours:

Available in 21mg, 14mg and 7mg strengths

Discreetly allowing you to manage cravings

The step-down program helps you ease the dependency on nicotine by using lower-strength patches

Slowly releasing a consistent amount of nicotine throughout the day to keep cravings in check

A patch a day keeps the cravings away

If you want to unsmoke, you need the right help to stay calm all day. Normally, you’d just step outside and have a cigarette whenever the cravings start, but when you’re quitting it’s not that simple.
That’s where patches can help. By giving you a steady dose of relief for up to 24 hours, it’ll be much easier to manage your cravings.
Here's how to get started with Nicotinell® Patches:
Cut open & remove
Apply Nicotinell® Patch to clean, cool & dry skin
Press firmly and replace every 24hrs
Find a good spot on your body that’s hair free and out of the way. Your upper arm is a good one, as is your abdomen if you wear singlets or sleeveless tops. And when the cravings hit, simply remind yourself your patch can help you beat this.
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Your escape plan is ready and waiting

Quitting instantly works for a few people, but it takes an iron will to stick with it successfully.
A better way to beat your addiction is with time. Habits take a while to build, and so does the time to get rid of them. With the right help though, you can succeed. And before you know it, you’ll be a non-smoker and be all the better for it.
Nicotinell® Patches comes in strengths of 21mg, 14mg and 7mg, designed to help you unsmoke with a 3 step approach:
Step Image
Step 1
For smokers, 20 or more cigarettes per day:
Starting with a strong Nicotinell® Patch 21mg (Step 1), you could beat the hard initial cravings simply by putting one on each morning, for 3-4 weeks.
Step Image
Step 2
For smokers, <20 cigarettes per day, or those stepping down from Step 1:
With your unsmoke journey started, your sense of taste & smell will return and with your lungs feeling great, you’ll step down to a Nicotinell® Patch 14mg (Step 2) for 3 – 4 weeks to keep you on track.
Step Image
Step 3
Now the next 4 weeks, you can finally wean yourself off nicotine by dropping down to Nicotinell® Patch 7mg (Step 3)
It’s all about a staged approach to quitting – giving you an improved chance of staying off cigarettes.

Get Nicotinell® Patch and start today

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