Combination Therapy

Nicotinell Combination Therapy uses Nicotinell Patch and Nicotinell Gum 2mg

Compared to single form of NRT, Combination Therapy
  • Is more effective
  • Research shows that it is better than using one Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) product alone


Use Nicotinell Step 1 Patch 21mg and chew one piece of Nicotinell Gum 2mg when a craving occurs. Use at least 4 pieces to maximum of 12 pieces a day for 12 weeks. Then, after 12 weeks wean off nicotine replacement therapy using the method in table below. Alternatively, cease use of Patches and gradually reduce the number of Gums used until you no longer need them.
Combination Therapy packs are available in weekly treatments, visit your local pharmacist.