Nobody plans to become a smoker. It might start out as a bit of fun. But before you know it, lighting up becomes a part of who you are. And that makes quitting even harder.
Like most smokers, you've probably tried to quit before. But without help, the odds are against you. So whether this is your first or fifteenth attempt at quitting, Nicotinell can help make it your last.

Nicotinell Patch

Provides the convenience of a once a day application.
Peace of mind that once the patch is on, you don't have to think about it for another 24 hours.

Nicotinell Gum

Great for smokers who want nicotine quickly to help fight cravings*.
Gives your mouth something to do.

Quitting Again ? Strong Cravings? Try NICOTINELL Combination Therapy Patch plus Gum